Booster Club Purpose/Goals

1. To provide support and encouragement to the Everett Silvertips so they feel welcome in the community thus helping them to achieve their goals and promote goodwill at all games.

2. To promote the Everett Silvertips in their community efforts, both on and off the ice.

3. To promote open lines of communication between the Everett Silvertips management, the public, and the ESHBC and to support and promote hockey in the Everett area.

4. To inform the General Membership and the public of ESHBC activities and local hockey news.

5. To encourage communication and socialization between the ESHBC and the booster clubs of other hockey teams, and to promote and conduct other activities deemed necessary by the General Membership to be valuable to the ESHBC.

6. To promote and provide for charitable activities and programs of a benevolent nature, including educational assistance, provided, however, that no funds or property of the ESHBC may be used to the benefit of individual members.

7. To raise funds through any lawful means for the benefit of the corporation and to further its purposes.

Note: We do not sponsor or recommend any chat rooms.

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